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We are a Women-Led small business, our trainers are experienced, trustworthy, kind, knowledgeable and committed to serving all dogs and families.
Our training methods are considered “Balanced”. We practice the Positive Reinforcement method while using Behavior Analysis to create consequences that will increase good behavior by decreasing unwanted behavior. In short, we are 90% Yes! and 10% No!


Brianna Alamo is one of the Owners and Dog Trainers at Pack Academy. You can find her writing the schools training programs, playing, and training puppies on the daily. Brianna's passion for animals started when she was young and adopted her first pet hamster named Emily. She felt a compassionate connection to healing and caring for an animal's physical health and wellness. 

In 2016, Brianna started Aninanny, her first pet sitting company, where soon after she was hired to maintain a private Service Dog trainers kennel. She learned to maintain a kennel of up to 20 dogs, train and socialize dogs, and manage the dog training company. 

Brianna's passion for dog training and behavior sparked when she witnessed how well behaved a puppy could be at just 8 months old. Teaching families how to raise their puppies to be the best pet companion and to reshape the humans Authoritarian approach to dog training is Brianna's goal. She believes training should be fun, your dog should "obey" because they trust you and are happy to follow conditioned commands.

Brianna is an AKC Evaluator for CGC, Puppy S.T.A.R., Trick Titles and more. She is certified in Pet First Aid, Basic Training Theory and +R Clicker Training, Fear and Aggression, BAT Training and more.

Jeannine Wilman

Jeannine Wilman is one of the owners, Dog Trainers and Canine Behavioral Consultant at Pack Academy. She dreamed of someday being a dog trainer since she was 11 years old! Her favorite dog was her childhood mutt named Rocky, a terrier mix that she taught to ride on her bike with her. They had a connection, the kind where you could talk to your dog telepathically.

After completing her B.A. in Psychology, Jeannine's profession grew in the field of Applied Behavioral Science. In 2016, she had an amazing opportunity to practice as an ABA (Applied Behavioral Analysis) Technician for individuals with Autism. There are many parallels in ABA with humans and Behavior Modification with Dogs. 

Today Jeannine feels her purpose as a Canine Behavior Consultant is to help families rehabilitate rescued dogs and teach owners behavioral management. (she can even help you with your kids!).

Jeannine is a Canine Behavior Consultant, Dog Trainer, and ABA Technician.

Diana Suarez

Jayden loves to assist in socializing the puppies to be comfortable with kids playing and petting. He's an animal lover. One of his most recent successful socialization projects was with his two feeder rats Harry and Frizzy. Both rats were fearful to human touch and today they come running out for any human hand to say hello. In the future, he wants his first dog to be a Long-Haired Applehead Chihuahua.

Diana Suarez