Put any content you wish into these mega menus. Utilize the power of Core framework to create anything directly in Oxygen.
Put any content you wish into these mega menus. Utilize the power of Core framework to create anything directly in Oxygen.


Pack Academy began when our missions aligned for training well-mannered companions by empowering owners with the knowledge to raise their dogs. Our specialty is more than puppy raising and behavior modification; it is about educating owners on their dogs' learning process and extinguishing outdated methods of training. We know that the true foundation of training starts with trust, play, and leadership.

Pack Academy is our family business. We've worked hard to mimic scenarios that are ideal for raising puppies, as well as created an environment that is conducive to working with different kinds of dogs. From modifying unwanted behaviors and educating owners, to house-breaking and potty-training puppies, our hands are always full. And when we're not actively engaging with our furry friends, our minds are busy researching new techniques that span from holistic animal health (where we've learned to incorporate flower essences, essential oils, homeopathic remedies, and massages into our routines) all the way to the psychology behind animal behavior.
Every dog is different, from temperament to personality. But every dog's relationship with their owner is different too. That's why we employ a variety of training methods that will help you understand your dog's behaviors, uncover their origin, and acquire the tools to continue the modification process at home.


With breeders selling puppies as young as 6 weeks, it’s no surprise to find first-time owners struggling with potty training. A frustrated owner tends to lead to a scared puppy–and that’s where the behavior problems begin. Most people have no idea the amount of work that goes into the first 6 months of raising a puppy. It’s like having a 2-year old that you have to supervise and take to the bathroom 20 times a day. The first year is the single most important one in the training of your puppy, but it’s almost impossible to do when you work full time. We offer a number of potty-training packages to help you through the process.
Many people want to provide love and shelter for homeless animals, but often times these dogs are not house broken and/or have accumulated a list of bad behaviors and emotional issues, including grief, depression, insecurities, and fear. We offer a month-to-month behavioral modification program that helps owners rescue these dogs from not just the shelter, but the emotional state which prevents them from enjoying life.
Whether you just want your dog to be well-behaved or want to create a strong training foundation for your puppy—we’re here to help. Our two-week introduction package to Basic Obedience is a great starter package for dogs 3 months to a year.
Some dogs have a higher calling. We also do a lot of work with those who want to train their puppies to reach these goals or have a current service dog, emotional support dogs, or therapy dog that needs a refresher or has a behavior that needs modification.
For those dogs that require extra attention, we can help administer medications such as insulin injections, etc.
*Limited space available as we only take on a small group of dogs at a time to ensure high quality attention and training is given*.